About us

In 2004, Royal Rehearsal opened its first location in LA’s ultra-hip University Park neighborhood. The response was tremendous, leading to rave customer reviews and an extensive waiting list. It didn’t take long for owners Max Delbecq and Ian Vishnevsky to recognize the strong demand for affordable, high-quality rehearsal space. A second University Park site opened in 2013, followed by locations in Boyle Heights (2015), Burbank (2016), Commerce (2017), and K-Town (2019).

As the number of customers swelled to nearly 500, so did the demand for additional services catering specifically to musicians and artists. Royal responded by adding creative common areas, recording studios, video production space, live event promotions and online support services like band booking.

This comprehensive approach to the rehearsal space model coupled with a highly attentive customer-focused culture led to record-low turnover rates, with more than 80 percent of Royal customers renewing their agreements upon expiration. In the years ahead, Royal eagerly looks forward to expanding its presence throughout LA and other cities, always with the goal of helping musicians and artists do that thing they do best.


Our team

Max Delbecq

Don’t let the tailored suit and perfectly coiffed do fool you. Max is a hardcore metalhead from Santa Clara, CA with 22 years of experience behind a drum set. His favorite beat-maestro is Tool’s own Danny Carey, although he’ll often pay tribute to classics like Pantera and Slayer along with a few of the newer, "gooder" metal bands. Originally trained as a classical and jazz drummer, Max toiled away in the trenches of USC studying the intricacies of Jazz and Music Business. After failing in his bid to completely conquer the Hollywood rock scene, he turned to practicing real estate full time where he could use his talents to support other musicians. And voila! Out popped Royal Rehearsal! In his free time, he likes to exercise, travel, and drink West Coast IPA’s (sometimes all at once).

Ian Vishnevsky

Ever heard someone say, “It’s all about the numbers?” Well, Ian took that philosophy to the top of Everest when he became Royal’s venerated "numbers guy." As in number of satisfied clients, number of positive reviews, number of rockin’ hot jams coming from The Rattle Room! This Moscow-born financial whiz kid has had extensive experience in both real estate and the entertainment industry (he’s worked for four of Hollywood’s six major studios). When he's not using his knowledge of EBITDA to plot a world takeover, he can be found enjoying some big band swing while puffing on a Cuban. Although musically challenged himself, he takes great pride in supporting Royal’s musicians and the entertainment industry in general. In his free time, he enjoys flying, hiking, and fine dining (sometimes all at once).

Jaron Luksa
On Site Sound Mixer

What can we say about Jaron? Let’s see. Founder of The Rattle Room at Royal 4 in Burbank. Renowned music producer and sound engineer. Top-notch mixing wizard. Technophile extraordinaire. World champion cliff diver. (Okay, we made that last one up, but he might as well be.) Through his partnership with Royal, Jaron brings his recording and live sound talents to a whole new level, with state-of-the-art equipment designed, upgraded and custom-tuned by him and other industry-leading sound experts. Truly no expense was spared in making his studio a "royal" recording space. When he’s not laying down tracks for the next Grammy-winning album, he can probably be found scuba diving, snake handling, or swimming with Great Whites.

Bronwyn Dahlgren
Chief Property Manager

Bronwyn is a hardcore rock lover and mom of two from Louisiana with over 6 years of experience in Property Management and over 15 years in customer service. Her favorite band of all time is Guns N Roses; She even named her son Axl. Her daughter is named Aria after a melody in opera. Starting out as an on site property manager, she fell in love with all things real estate and management related. She decided this was the career path she wanted to pursue and studied hard to obtain her California Real Estate license in 2015. After obtaining her license, she worked in HOA management for a few years before landing her dream job as the Chief Property Manager with Royal Rehearsal. Growing up with such a huge passion and love for music this was the perfect fit. In her free time she enjoys drinking excessive amounts of coffee, watching the ID channel, or doing anything gym and fitness related (although she eats way too many oatmeal raisin cookies).

Morgan Norville
Chief Project Manager

Morgan is an urban planner by trade but enjoys all things creative. She's good with numbers, lists and reminders. Growing up in the Bay Area she played Taiko drums and the violin and listened to reggae music. Since then, she has dreamed of becoming a singer but considers herself vocally challenged and prefers to sing in private. When not crunching numbers, reading architectural plans or managing development projects, she is found baking, sewing or enjoying the outdoors.

John Constantine
Property Manager

John Constantine began his career in San Francisco as a musician and graphic designer. He was the head of marketing and A&R for the North American record label One Little Indian. In 2014 he moved to DTLA and was immersed with other businesses and performers that were revitalizing the neighborhood. If you’ve been to any of the LGBTQ spaces or events in DTLA, you’ve seen his work. He is the go-to guy for event design, and is very proud of his community and the queer renaissance in DTLA. He is also a musician and performer known as The Hound. Out.com has called him “one to know” and Billboard named his single Can’t Let You Go a “hot blooded hit." The song was recorded in his unit at Royal Rehearsal.

George Cortes
Property Manager

George Cortes was born and raised in East Los Angeles and has been playing guitar and other instruments for 15+ years, playing in many small bands ranging from pop-punk, metal, and post hardcore. After graduating high school he got certified in audio engineering from Musicians Institute (2013) and immediately started recording his own music and local artists. For a while he was working in his small home garage studio, but after building a name for himself he decided it was about time to move on to better things. That's when he found Royal Rehearsal. If you don't see him working around the property, you'll hear his unit blasting out every genre of music from the latest hip hop style beats to progressive metal/jazz.

Kevin O’Neil
Property Manager

Kevin is from Los Angeles and has been with the royal team since 2015. He is a producer and dj and has been a royal rehearsal manager since October 2018. Since he was first a customer at royal and then took on the task of being a manager as well, Kevin has the knowledge of what musicians and artists need from their rehearsal space, and what it takes to successfully deliver. What makes Kevin so attentive to royal is that he not only rents a space at the Boyle heights location, but he has converted his unit into a full recording studio with a vocal and tracking room. Since most of his time is spent at royal, this makes it easy for customers to reach out to him and be attentive to any matter.

Sean Price
Property Manager

Sean Price is known for his expertise in audio post production, music production, and for his state of the art recording studio in Burbank called Pricetone Entertainment. He specializes in vocal production for R&B, Pop, and Hip-Hop, but has also built a reputation in the film industry for his sound design for film. Over the last 10 years, he has produced the sound for over 40 television shows and lead audio production teams on over 25 feature films. Sean successfully built his company from initial start-up to a sustainable business model gaining notable clients such as, Amazon, Google, ABC, PBS, Sprite Brand, Fandango, and MARVEL. He provides a personable approach to every project and truly cares about this clients making him a great manager for Royal Rehearsal. When Sean not working from his studio it’s likely you’ll find him at the vending machine buying up all the peanut M&Ms.

Why we're different

We're focused on the customer...

Yes, it’s true, we have a fairly significant footprint, with five locations and 110 rehearsal units. However, it’s all run by a small team of music aficionados who are dedicated to customer service and providing kick-ass experiences.

We're cleaner and better managed...

We get it. Better environment equals better flow of creative energy. That’s why we strive to maintain a clean, uplifting, functional space for all our customers. And you can always bend management’s ear with any issues, questions or suggestions.

We're all about community...

Nobody ever made it to the top without a little help from someone else. A dedicated community of musicians helping each other means more support for reaching your goals. There’s strength in numbers. So, when someone like you joins the Royal family, we all become stronger.


All studios include

Free WiFi
Central A/C
Clean Pleasant Rooms
Calm Friendly Environment